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Bear Bryant Poem

Bear Bryant had a poem that he read every day. He shared this poem (some call it a prayer) to The Quarterbacks club in 1981. In that video is said that the poem was “very very important” to him. When Bear Bryant passed away in 1983, a folded-up hand-written note was found in his pocket with those words on it.

Yes, I Am Still Living In The Dash

My personal prayer would be that I live fully in The Dash and do it in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. No longer do I want to go through life merely attempting to accumulate wealth and items, but to use my talents to serve my family, friends, community and others in need.

When You Can’t Go Any Further West

How far would you go to see the perfect sunset? For us, it was 5 miles down a rutted and extremely bumpy road through a cane field to get to Polihale Beach.

Apollos Hester Tells You Exactly How To Be Successful

“Never give up on your dreams. Keep Smiling…”

Pakala Plantation Estate Review

This majestic 5000 sq. ft. single level home sits on 8 beachfront acres with amazing sunset views from the wraparound veranda. You have the secluded Pakala Beach our front with mountain views out the dining room looking north.

Do You Favor A Sunrise Or A Sunset?

While sitting and taking in the beauty, it feels like a moment of peace and at the same time, you came imagine a world in which anything is possible and your goals can be achieved if you take action.