Is Being A Football Fan Bad For Your Health?

How are you feeling today? Is your mood just as gray as it is outside this afternoon?

Whether you are an Alabama, Auburn and a New Orleans Saints fan, I know that you are still little bit down today. All three teams had great seasons, but we didn’t get the final result that we had wished (and some many have prayed). Instead of being able to get redemption next week, we have to wait almost 9 months. I am a huge Saints fan and have already started going through withdrawals.

For the Auburn and Saints fans, they keep reliving all of the squandered opportunities. Each team could have won their game, but neither did. For Alabama fans, they have lost their last two games and more importantly lost the Iron Bowl. Their only consolation is the fact that Auburn did not win the National Championship.

I am also a USM Golden Eagle fan. The team ended on a positive note by beating UAB and ending the longest losing streak in nation at 23 games.  Can you imagine losing 23 straight games?

If you are down and do not know what you are going to do with your Saturdays or Sundays the next 9 months, remember time heals all wounds.

Or does it?

Just kidding!  We love our teams and can’t wait until their next kickoff.

USM Vs. Arkansas. September 2013

USM Vs. Arkansas. September 2013

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