Do You Favor A Sunrise Or A Sunset?

Poipu Kauai Sunrise

Beautiful Sunrise coming up, as viewed from a Poipu Cliffside. We got up August 15th for a sunrise hike and witnessed and incredible scene.

I am usually like most people.  The sunrise happens every morning and we don’t take the time or have the energy to view one of God’s gifts to us.

There is something special about a beautiful sunrise. Maybe it feels like a new beginning. While sitting and taking in the beauty, it feels like a moment of peace and at the same time, you came imagine a world in which anything is possible and your goals can be achieved if you take action.

We got up early on our last day of vacation in Kauai and went for a sunrise hike in Poipu.  We had to get up at 4:45AM to be able to hike to an amazing viewing location. While sitting on the side of a cliff, with the waves pounding below, we didn’t say a word as the sun made its slow and spectacular appearance.

I challenge you. Get up early and take in the next sunrise. Tomorrow in Mobile, Alabama, the sun will rise at 6:24 AM.  See you there.

Author: Charlie

Charlie Plyler is a husband and father. He is also an associate broker at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Generations with offices in Mobile and on the Eastern Shore. (For his real estate website, go to In addition to being a real estate agent, Charlie also owns an Internet Marketing Consulting company for brick-and-mortar businesses. He loves meeting and sharing stories with new friends. With his diverse hobbies of photography, SCUBA, and travel, there is always plenty to share.

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